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Our Passion for what we do is evident in how we Deliver.

Scotlynn USA Division

Our Birth

Scotlynn USA Division was founded in March of 2010 in Fort Myers, Florida, as the trucking and brokerage company dedicated to hauling perishable products.  Wanting to complement the Canadian operations of Scotlynn Commodities, Scotlynn USA Division was formed with only a few team members.  What started as a small operation has rapidly become one of the fastest-growing logistics providers, with a focus on service that is unparalleled.

Supporting The Troops

In 2013, we started a government services division. We saw the need to work with those who have served the country and saw the opportunity to work with the government to manage their transportation needs. Our effort to work with veterans has included hiring them in office and driving positions but also establishing programs to make it easier for veterans to get access to trucks and government shipments.

Hoosier Hospitality

In March 2014, Scotlynn USA expanded their US footprint and opened an office on the north side of Indianapolis, Indiana. This 4,800 square foot state of the art facility is in an ideal location for Indiana’s elite businessmen and businesswomen. The new office mimics the corporate culture that has made Scotlynn so successful, while giving the employees the benefit of living in one of America’s greatest mid-west cities.

Growing Bigger and Better

March of 2016 brought us to Tampa to fill a 5,200 sq ft. space ready to bring in more elite business men and women in the great Sunshine state of Florida.

Our office in Tampa boasts a gym and on-site food amenities as well being just a short walk to Raymond James Stadium and George M. Steinbrenner Field.

Exponential Growth

Our first location in Fort Myers was quickly overgrown by our expanding team. We made the decision to open our fourth office, just a few miles away from our headquarters, giving us another 10,000 sq ft to fill. Every office location is picked with the idea of our company culture in mind. We work hard to keep service for our customers as a priority while encouraging a strong dynamic family culture within our team.

Still Growing…

Our Indiana office has outgrown the original 4,800 square footed facility we established in 2014.  We are looking forward to moving to a much larger office space in November 2018.

The new Indianapolis office is more than double in size at 15,000 sq ft. perfect for our growing team.

Our Indiana team has made themselves at home in their new 15,000 sq ft. office. Having an open and warm workplace layout, our staff is always ready to showoff that Hoosier Hospitality! We are located in Indianapolis, our facility is also less than a mile away from Carmel, IN; named one of the best places to live in the U.S.

We are also proud to announce that our Tampa team has outgrown their original 5,200 sq ft. office space and is looking forward to moving to a much larger facility in the first half of 2020.

Certifications & Affiliations

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