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Office Benefits

A Rewarding
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Office Benefits

We’re proud of the culture we’ve built and continue to foster here at Scotlynn. There’s a strong sense of camaraderie among our team. Success is shared; each member of our team works to help and encourage others to reach their goals.

Mentorship is an important part of our culture. Sharing knowledge within our team is how we accelerate our individual growth and provide better service to our customers. It’s often been said that our team members are either being mentored or mentoring.

Comprehensive training and skill development programs are available for staff to expand their expertise; providing them with the ability to advance their careers and fulfill their ambitions right here at Scotlynn.

Scotlynn employees chatting around a round table
Scottlynn's office cafeteria

Having a nice home-cooked breakfast waiting for you when you arrive at the office, or a healthy, satisfying meal at lunch time, is a welcomed benefit to working in the Scotlynn offices.

Scotlynn employee training in company's gym

Health and wellness help keep us focused and sharp. We give our team the ability to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through use of our fitness facilities and with the guidance of in-house personal trainers.

Scotlynn employess playing basketball

Our offices are more than just a place to work – they’re a fun place to be. The rec rooms give our team of hard working, motivated people, a place to unwind and enjoy each other’s company – an important part of our culture.

Hear From the People That Drive Us

“I would say what makes Scotlynn stand out and makes us different from other employers is the opportunity we have. We bring in people from all different types of backgrounds, majors and colleges. The opportunities in Scotlynn are endless. And with it being sales, it’s very self-driven to help better yourself.”

Kevin Logistics Account Manager

“Working at Scotlynn is a lot like being on a sports team. There’s standout players, fierce competition stats, a locker room atmosphere, and you really do feel rewarded for all your hard work.”

Matt Logistics Account Manager and Sales Team Captain

“If you work really hard, you will definitely be successful. Scotlynn is a company that cares about its employees and it’s a great, fun place to work. And we also work really hard as well.”

Lindsey Logistics Account Manager

“From the moment I started, I have been greeted with thorough training, support (both professionally and personally), and an amazing group of people to work with. I truly believe Scotlynn hires the best and the brightest. Add in some really fun events and activities, and you’ve got a 5-star workplace!”

Ashley Billing Team Lead

“I went from trainee, to an elite sales person, to being in the President’s Club, and then running my own office. These are dreams that I couldn’t dream of ten years ago.”

Chris General Manager

“I feel valued as an employee and as a person. I feel like my contributions and suggestions matter. Working for Scotlynn is like a breath of fresh air after working at other companies, and I hope I’m here until the day I retire!”

Kasaundra Billing Specialist

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