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We ensure your needs are met with clear, proactive, and honest communication.
We’re proud of the reliable, solutions-focused reputation we’ve built in the industry and our team is committed to providing you with the best service experience possible.

Why Expert Logistics Matter

Understanding the challenges and complexities you face enables us to innovate and implement the services to overcome them.


Lacking the status of your shipments leaves you unable to make knowledgeable and timely decisions when they’re needed most. Through proactive communication and direct access to your single point of contact is one way we help you manage your customer relationships.

Timely Delivery

Costly delays are common when consistent, expert transportation coordination is lacking. A delay at a port or an arrival at a closed loading bay compromises the shipment’s schedule, leading to frustrated customers. Our individualized, carefully managed approach ensures a smooth journey and timely arrival at each destination.

Damage Mitigation

Managing the risks associated with transporting your products can be complex. Damaged goods impact your bottom line and your reputation. Depending on your product, we use the best equipment and mode of transportation to minimize your risk.

Enhanced Efficiency

Fluctuating costs impact expenses and create uncertainty in budget planning. We minimize the effects of this by streamlining logistics and transportation needs – enhancing efficiency.

Proactive Communication

From longer unloading time at ports to short-staffed distribution centers resulting in loading bay congestion, labor shortages cause costly delays. We anticipate and navigate these challenges, leveraging proactive, transparent communication to minimize their impact.

Expense Management

When shipped products run into unforeseen fees – such as detention, demurrage and/or storage charges – margins are eroded and related delays impact customer satisfaction. Our team has the expertise and end-to-end visibility of the journey to ensure these costs are anticipated or avoided.

How We Help

Our goal is to get your products to their destination as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We’re proud to have the best logistics experts in the industry on our team. We anticipate and address your needs with our comprehensive approach; leading to better planning, stronger coordination of transportation, enhanced cost certainty, and more satisfied customers.

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Single Point of Contact

Understanding your business is crucial to providing you with the best solutions. Supported by our broader team, a dedicated logistics expert will have a deeper knowledge of your operations, a better understanding of your needs, and provide you with a convenient touchpoint for communication and collaboration.

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Industry-Leading Technology

Our team is equipped with the latest digital advancements that are shaping our industry. Through GPS shipment tracking and temperature sensors, you get real-time visibility as well as thorough reports that serve to aid efficiency and even reduce the risk of damaged products.

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Our Team of Experts

Building a team of incredibly talented people, who continually expand their logistics expertise, results in superior logistical coordination. We deliver better because we hire the best. Our people make the difference.

A Word From Our Clients

“We’ve never experienced a delay in contacting their dispatch team, even after hours.”

2-Year Customer Dedicated Lanes

“Scotlynn is a leading service provider with excellent staff. They are the best company we have dealt with.”

8-Year Customer Perishables

“When using Scotlynn we have peace of mind! They are our number one carrier with an on-time performance rating of 99%.”

2 Year Customer Cross Border - Raw Materials

Cross-Continent Coverage

Scotlynn will make countless shipments this year to destinations across North America. Wherever you need your products to go, we’ll get them there – efficiently and on schedule.


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