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We have the solutions to meet your transportation needs. Whether you’re shipping multiple products, require multiple modes of transportation, or both, our services and expertise are well-equipped to effectively navigate your shipments through the supply chain.


Your account manager will work with you to determine what method of shipping is right for your products. Efficiency is always a key priority. Our FTL and LTL service provides the versatility required for timely, reliable, and cost-effective shipping.

Full Truckload (FTL)
Shipping large amounts of products, or products of a larger size will often make FTL the best option.  However, factors like urgency, or when mixing your products with others is not a desirable option, FTL may be the right choice despite having less than full capacity. This further minimizes the risk of any damaged or misplaced goods during loading and unloading stops.

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)
Many small to medium-sized businesses rely heavily on LTL transporting. Quite simply, multiple businesses may be shipping their products in a single truck. Combined, these products fill the truck to its capacity – providing  an efficient, cost-effective means of shipping a smaller quantity of products.

ftl and ltl


If you have products to ship that can’t be loaded inside a trailer, our flatbed service can accommodate.

Flatbed trailers can be loaded from either side and from above. This makes them a versatile option when there are loading limitations or when a crane is required to lift products onto the trailer.

From steel coils and manufacturing equipment, to piping and lumber, our flatbed drivers have the training and experience to ensure a safe and secure shipment.

flatbed truck in highway

Dry Van

When you need your goods shipped as efficiently and economically as possible, our Dry Van service delivers. Your account managers will work with you to accommodate your specific shipping needs – offering FTL and LTL services to ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Dry Van shipping is a popular service here at Scotlynn. For products that aren’t sensitive to temperature fluctuations, this method offers versatility and efficiency. We apply the same care and attention here as we do with our temperature-controlled service.

The enclosed environment of a dry-van trailer provides your product protection from the elements. Wind, rain, and snow can cause irreparable damage to many products – the enclosed trailer of our Dry Van service all but eliminates those risks. This also serves to reduce the risk of theft. Your products are safely secured in a locked trailer.

Dry Van is a very cost-effective way to ship your products. Without the need for additional equipment for temperature control, products can be transported over long distances without any additional services or attention.

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Other Services


Efficient short-distance shipping of your products by a reliable team of drivers to their final destination.

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We are industry leaders in temperature-controlled transportation using state-of-the-art equipment, managed and driven by experts.

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“Cody and his devoted team have been incredible partners who are always willing to go that extra mile. From great pricing to outstanding service, they have been a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend Scotlynn to anyone who is looking for stress-free transportation services from beginning to end.”

3-Year Customer Fresh and Frozen Meat and Produce

“Courtney and I have forged a work relationship that feels like two friends who work together out of different offices. It’s easy, it’s fun, and she’s set the customer service bar so high that it would be difficult for anyone to truly fill her shoes.”

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“Trucks are always on time and available, and rates are great as well. If there are issues (not many that I can think of) they are always quick to respond and get it rectified.”

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