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About Us

Scotlynn Delivers

A Refreshing, Reliable Experience

Scotlynn began as an agricultural company with a need to get fresh produce to market. Our early success was the result of having the best people working hard to provide customers with better, fresher produce. The essence of what we do and what we value hasn’t changed.

Today, Scotlynn is a premier logistics and transportation provider, specializing in time-sensitive refrigerated products. Every aspect of our operation highlights our passion for doing it better – our attention to detail, our open communication, our state-of-the-art equipment, and our comprehensive farming procedures.

Our people – with their critical thinking, proactive communication, and deep expertise – are the reason we deliver.

At Scotlynn, people drive us.

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We provide around-the-clock logistics expertise.
Our logistics managers are your single point of contact
and offer customized solutions to our clients, ensuring
goods move efficiently.

transportation truck


We are North America’s premier transportation
provider, specializing in hauling time-sensitive
refrigerated products, delivered by the industry’s
best drivers in state-of-the-art equipment.

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Our network of talented growers nurture and cultivate
the finest produce on the market. We’re proud to feed
families and contribute to the sustainability of North America’s invaluable farmland.

Hear From the People That Drive Us

“You dream about it, but you never really see it in real life. And then you come to a company like Scotlynn and there you have it – it’s energetic, it’s fun, it’s challenging. I’m constantly challenged every year, and it’s exciting to come to work.”

Chris General Manager

“What it means to be Scotlynn is being a part of a successful organisation that’s dedicated to caring about our customers and the services that we provide. It’s really important for us to not only provide the service, but to really make sure that customers understand how much we care about them, and we take pride in that service being excellent.”

Lindsey Logistics Account Manager

“We use that competitive edge that we each have to motivate ourselves every single day. And that’s one of the many reasons why I love working here.”

Jeff Logistics Account Manager

“Scotlynn offered a career path that would not only allow me to get to where I wanted to financially, but also provide me with a career and company I could be proud of. Hard work is always a prerequisite of success. At Scotlynn, hard work WILL make you successful, no matter the career path you choose.”

Todd Logistics Account Manager

“Scotlynn has equipped me with the resources and knowledge to not only achieve the aspirations I have for a fulfilling career, but to also transcend them all the while providing a working environment that values staff, community and customers alike.”

Kirk Logistics Account Manager

“My favorite parts about Scotlynn aren’t the obvious benefits, like the on-site gym and meal program that initially attract most people. I think what makes Scotlynn special is the people. I work with an amazing group of people that care about the integrity and quality of their work. I take pride in knowing that behind every phone call and email is a person who pours their heart into making themselves, those around them, and our industry the best it can be.”

Vanessa Onboarding Coordinator

Life at Scotlynn

The passion for what we do shines through in how we do it. At Scotlynn, we’re dedicated to our craft and lead by example – with both our customers and each other. We push ourselves to excel and celebrate our shared success.

We take pride in the reputation we’ve built and our commitment to excellence – and we’re happy to show it off.

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