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We're Our Own Customers, Too

Our origin as a produce company illustrated the need for logistics expertise coupled with high-quality, time-sensitive, temperature-controlled transportation. The basis of our business was ensuring our fruits and vegetables arrived at our customers’ locations as fresh as possible. That perspective has given us an intricate understanding of the challenges and needs you face every day. Getting goods where they need to go, and arriving when they need to be there – especially perishables – takes a team of highly trained and motivated people supported by the right equipment.

The passion of our team truly drives our business. It enables us to continuously refine and improve – to overcome obstacles through innovation and relentlessly pursue better.


Through a single point of contact, our team offers a holistic approach to logistics – providing the solutions your business needs to move goods efficiently. From inbound and outbound to direct store deliveries, you have access to a wealth of logistics expertise and around-the-clock service.

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We have a passion to deliver with precision and care. We are North America’s premier transportation provider, specializing in hauling time-sensitive refrigerated produce, delivered by the industry’s best drivers, and leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Our roots are based in delivering fresh produce – instilling the importance of time sensitivity and reliability.

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Through Sweet-Pac, we’ve built lasting partnerships with a network of talented, hard-working people who help us grow the finest produce. We’re proud to be feeding families and  contributing to the stewardship and sustainability of North America’s invaluable farmland.

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Awards, Certifications & Affiliations

Scotlynn is proud of our awards and accomplishments, and happy to have the opportunity to partner with and contribute to the following organizations.

A Word From Our President & CEO

My commitment to excellence and quality is reflected
in every aspect of our business. This expectation
drives our teams to continuously refine and improve,
innovate, and relentlessly pursue better – ultimately
pushing us to exceed expectations. I’m excited about
the future and look forward to pushing the
boundaries of what is possible in the logistics,
transportation, and produce industries.

Scott Biddle


People are the driving force behind Scotlynn’s success. Join a company where camaraderie, mentorship, and positivity are primary elements of the culture. We’re proud to help you develop your skills and pursue your ambitions – offering the ability to grow your career.

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Let’s discuss how our team can provide you with tailored logistics and industry-leading transportation solutions.

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