Spartan Race 2015

Earlier this year we set a goal to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for our employees while also enhancing the team environment within our office. We chose the Spartan Canada Race in Brimacombe, Ontario as a test of both physical and mental strength, with an emphasis on working together. The event was promoted throughout all departments in our Vittoria office, with CEO Scott Biddle offering to pay for any employees that were interested.

In the months leading up to the mid-summer race, a training group was started to prepare for what was sure to be a grueling test. From the start it was clear to see that people were making changes in their eating habits and showing extreme dedication to the training. Having access to our private company exercise facility proved to be any asset in the winter. When the weather improved the workouts were moved outdoors.

On the day of the race it really seemed like everything came together just as we had hoped. Without instruction the team decided to divide into smaller groups. This was done in a manner that would ensure that everyone would be pushed to complete the race. No one was concerned about their individual time, just that everyone else was able to finish with them. The race even lent itself to this as there were a number of times that you were ascending or descending the ski hill and would see others from the team and could offer encouragement. There were shouts of motivation and support that could be heard throughout the race on a regular basis.

As expected the Spartan experience was a challenge, but it was well worth it. People were able to push themselves through fatigue in the extreme heat, and complete obstacles that they had been fearing for months. One member of the team in particular was able to overcome a fear of heights to conquer the numerous climbing obstacles of 25ft or more. In all, the event was a great success and we hope to continue the tradition next year.

Travis MacDonald – Logistics Account Manager, Vittoria Office
We all need adversity to grow. Training for and running a Spartan Race is one of the fastest ways I knew to level up my life. I saw a clear difference in my body and mind afterwards.

Would I recommend a Spartan Race? Absolutely! Each race is a powerful, confidence-building experience, plus what’s not to love about being totally exhausted mentally and physically?!?! Do you need to be an athlete to participate? Nope. Sign up with a few friends in the sprint wave and have fun. We raced as part of a team, and I couldn’t be more proud of the fact everyone finished, no matter their fitness level.